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I often get asked by clients and other human beings if they should be blogging. I have compiled a list of 7 benefits of blogging with bonus items.

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Are you looking to have a new logo designed for your business, product or service? Whether you are hiring me at Inspiring Creative or someone else :-P, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you are going for. By picking a few examples, it will help me or any designer fully understand the look and feel of the logo you envision for your own business.

It’s very important to state, however, that the purpose of finding inspiration is NOT to find a logo to copy or plagiarize. That’s bad. A good logo designer can understand the difference between being inspired and copying a logo. Regardless of who you hire, make sure that they guarantee the logo designed for you is original.

Essentially, this is a list for my own clients to get inspiration, but all are welcome to check out these websites and get inspired by great logos.

Brands of the World

brands of the world logo inspiration

Brands of the World is not just a great resource for logo inspiration, they also have logos available for download for designers to use as resources. It’s not the best quality of logos, but they have quantity.


logoed logo inspiration
Logoed is a curated blog created for designers to inspire other designers. The logos on the site are beautiful and of very high quality. A very good resource for inspiration.

Logo Faves

logofaves logo inspiration
Logofaves is a well put together a showcase of logos for inspiration. The logos are good quality and should be a great resource for getting your own inspiration.


logofi logo inspiration
Not a bad resource. I find the quality of the logos to be a hit or miss.

Logo Gala

logo gala logo inspiration
Logo Gala is a good resource that lets you search by colour. They have a daily featured logo and other resources.

Logo Gallery

logo gallery logo inspiration
A very clean and easy to navigate website, Logo gallery is pretty good for getting inspiration for your new logo.

Logo Lounge

logo lounge logo inspiration
I debated including Logo Lounge because it’s really a resource for designers. It’s a membership-based site but it’s worth it if you are a designer and you need excellent quality inspiration. For a business owner looking for inspiration on their own website, you probably wouldn’t want to spend the money on a membership. They do have a good blog that could be valuable to you to learn more about logo design.

Logo of the Day

logo of the day logo inspiration
Publishing a logo each day, Logo of the Day is a good resource.

Logo Pond

logo pond logo inspiration
Logo Pond is one of my favourite go-to sites for getting inspired. They have a great search feature and good quality logos.


logospire logo inspiration
Logospire is a very good site with very nice logos. A good resource for inspiration as well.

That’s my list. If it was helpful for you, tell me which sites were the most helpful and I’ll sort the list out by how helpful it was to the readers. If you have other sites to add, mention them in the comments. If I think they will be helpful, I’ll add them to the list.

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