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I often get asked by clients and other human beings if they should be blogging. I have compiled a list of 7 benefits of blogging with bonus items.

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A big part of designing a brand and logo is choosing colours. To be honest, clients often do not put much thought into it. Clients usually think of their favourite colour or pick what ever colour all the other businesses that do the same thing as them do. Other accountants are blue, I’ll use blue. Other architects are orange, I’ll use orange. This is the worst way to go about picking colours for your brand.

Oh, and in case you were wondering if your brand’s colours actually are important. They Are!

This is the first part in a series of posts about choosing the right colours for your brand and logo. Over the next few weeks, I’ll add more to this topic and will post the links to the other posts right here. But for now, enjoy this first part.

Why are your brand’s colours important?

Reason 1: Mind games

The colours you inevitably choose for your brand and logo will affect what your customers think of you and your business. Each colour has a psychological effect on the person looking at it. In turn, they will make assumptions of your business based on it’s colours, without even knowing it. This will affect their choice in purchasing or not purchasing your product and/or service. How much it affects their choice is an unknown variable, but it’s best to choose colours that will give your business the best opportunity to influence the buyer.

Below are common colours and what consumer may think of you subconsciously when they see it.


  • You take risks
  • You are passionate
  • You are energetic and dynamic
  • You are dangerous
  • You are warm
  • I’m hungry (Red stimulates the appetite. Many restaurants use this colour)

Orange (That’s me 🙂

  • You are innovative
  • You are a modern thinker
  • You are youthful and fun
  • You are affordable
  • You are approachable


  • You may be weak (Yellow has often represented being a coward)
  • I may have to approach you with caution (Warning signs use this colour)
  • You are sunny and warm
  • You are friendly
  • I may be hungry again (Another colour known to stimulate the appetite, seen in grocery stores)
  • You are low cost/thrifty


  • You are environmentally friendly
  • You have ethical morals
  • You promote growth and prosperity (Plants grow, money)
  • You are fresh and new


  • You are professional
  • You are serious minded
  • You have integrity
  • You are sincere
  • You are calm
  • You have authority
  • You are successful


  • You are luxurious
  • You are spiritual
  • You have wisdom and dignity
  • You are wealthy

Reason 2: Being Unique

Most business have competitors. Most competitors are lame and not original, that’s why many companies in the same industry, choose the same colours. Take for example a water company, try find one that doesn’t have blue as their corporate colour. You will be hard pressed, most of them can’t see the value in changing it up.

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