You should be blogging, here are 7 reasons why.

You should be blogging. Her's why.
I often get asked by clients and other human beings if they should be blogging. I have compiled a list of 7 benefits of blogging with bonus items.

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I often get asked by clients and other human beings if they should be blogging. The answer is and absolute “Yes”. However, the first response from that answer is almost always the following, or a version of the following,”I don’t have time to blog!”. I hear you. It can be time consuming. But blogging is one of the best tools for marketing your business and getting found on search engines.

Below I have compiled a list of 7 benefits of blogging. So the next time I get asked if Someone should be blogging, I’ll just send them this link.

7 Reasons you should be blogging for your business (With bonus items)

1) Share your work

You make cool shit or do awesome things. Blogging is the best way to share that stuff with the world. You can share that stuff on social media, sure, but it’s better to share that stuff on your own website so you are always pushing traffic to your website and readers can see all the other awesome stuff you are doing. So when you make something cool, helped someone out, take a picture, get a testimonial, make a client profile and put it on your blog.

2) It’s Free

Sort of. It’s not free because it takes time to set up and takes time to commit to writing posts. But it is free because there are no fees per ad, or for how long the post is on your website.

3) Connect with your fans

Blogging offer’s a great way to connect with your clients, fans, and other weird people. By keeping that connection open and inviting comments and feedback, you are always in direct communications with your customers.

4) Use the blog to start a Newsletter Campaign

Your blog posts are perfect content for an email newsletter campaign with Mailchimp or any other newsletter campaign software. By setting up your newsletter to pull your blog feed in, you can automatically be sending out newsletters on a monthly basis without doing any work! Pssst… I can help you set that up, just sayin’.

5) Share your content on social media, not someone else’s

I noticed something on Social Media, the profiles of very popular people, often don’t share other people’s posts, at least not very often. However, most social media “Gurus” offer advice on sharing other people’s posts. Why would you drive traffic to other people’s websites? Instead, make your own content and drive traffic to your own website, by sharing your own stuff.

6) A great way to share resources and have them available for yourself

I have a post, called Top Social Media Management Tools. It’s a great resource for those looking to manage their own social media accounts. It’s helpful for anyone doing research on the topic. But it’s also useful for me. By putting it on my blog, that information is always there when I am looking for a new tool. And by sharing it at the same time, I’m helping my clients and future clients as well. Here is another article for Logo Design inspiration. I send clients here often when I need them to provide examples for new logos I am creating for them.

7) Blogging is a great way to show your personality

Blogging is a great way to connect on a personal level with your customers. Show them your interests, hobbies etc. By connecting on a personal level, you will be surprised as to the connections you can make with your clients and readers. It moves the website away from being a cold, business related place to a warm, personal experience. If you ask me, that is a big help when it comes to making new sales.

Bonus) The more blog posts you have, the more pages there are for Google to find

OK, I’m being lazy here. I started out with 7 items in this list. But I already created the spiffy featured image you see above, and 7 is a nice odd number. However, I realized I had to include this eighth item because it’s so important. By creating content (your blog) you are creating more pages for Google to find on your website. By doing that, your website is going to show up more often on search results. That’s good no? You tell me.

Bonus #2) Build your credibility

Branding is all about credibility. What a better way to prove you know your shit by blogging about all the cool ideas in your head. You rock! Show it already.

There you have it. If you are struggling to set up your blog, you can also hire an agency to write it for you. If you would like Inspiring Design to help you with your blog, just contact me and lets chat.

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