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I often get asked by clients and other human beings if they should be blogging. I have compiled a list of 7 benefits of blogging with bonus items.

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ELH Law in Cobourg, Ontario is not your regular law firm. For one, ELH stands for Ember-Leigh Hamilton, the lawyer behind the firm. Ember stands out in a field that is mostly men. Ember did not want a usual “legal” website. She wanted a website that was fun, inspirational, and welcoming.

We created a website that incorporates fun illustrations, jokes and a welcoming owl (Which is an animal that most represents Ember-Leigh). At the same time, Ember is very serious about helping her clients to the best, and fairest legal help.

The website was created using WordPress, which makes it very easy for Ember to update the website without needing to contact me. This allows Ember to make quick updates to her website.

Is your website easy to update or do you need to contact your developer? If so, you may be spending too much money.

In addition to the website, I also helped Ember by designing the logo for her as well. Ember wanted something that was not conventional for a law firm. After discussing it with her and getting to know Ember more, we decided to go with an animal that best describes Ember, and also best represents the firm. We went with the Owl, a bird that represents knowledge.

I love the owl logo as it is not a conventional logo you would expect for a lawyer of a law firm.

Do you think your logo represents not only your business but who you are as a person? Especially when a company is one person, having a logo that represents you as a person helps to establish your brand in a way that your customers can relate to you.

If you like this logo and website, please let me know and share on your favourite social media.

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