Where can I find the best logo designers?

Where can I find the best logo designers?

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Questions nobody asked me.

This is the first post in a series that I’m going to run on my blog called Questions Nobody Asked Me. In this series, I find good questions on the web that nobody asked me directly and take the liberty to answer them like it’s any of my business.

I stole this question that nobody asked me from Quora here.

To find a good or the “Best” logo designer, you need to keep in mind that “Best” is subjective as there are many different styles and types of designers. You will want to find the one that can best interpret your vision.

Ask around and support a local designer if you can. Try your local Chamber of Commerce.

Once you find some designers, look at their portfolios. Do they have logos you like in their portfolio? Do you like their style? Then ask them to meet with you.

When you meet with the designer, are they asking you intelligent questions? Are they interested in your business? Your competitors? Your customers? Those are good points to discuss and the designer should bring them up.

Then ask what their process is. Is it clear and do you understand the process including what is expected of you? Does the designer “click” with you? If they checked all the above boxes, the designer should be a good match and you will get a good logo.

That’s It, question answered. If you actually want to ask me a question, please contact me. I’d be happy to answer.

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