MobilBid Learn: Don’t just tell, Show your customers.

MobilBid Learn
Inspiring Design created a series of videos and an online learning centre for MobilBid’s customers to learn how to use their platform. It takes customers through every step of the way and saves hours of customer support every week.

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I want to tell you about a recently completed project that I’m super happy about. My client is MobilBid. They are a Toronto, Ontario based SAAS (software as a service) company that makes online software that facilitates silent auctions for fundraising events.

Imagine you are at a fundraising gala for your favourite charity, and they are holding an auction at that event to raise money. Remember the old way of doing things, you would have to write on a piece of paper your bid amount for an item you wanted to bid on. Then, if you won, you would have to wait in line at the end of the event to pay for your item. Then when you did pay, you would struggle because they may not be able to take credit cards? Well, with MobilBid, the bid-sheet has been replaced by your mobile phone. That’s what they do in a nutshell. If you want to know more about MobilBid, please go to

The Problem…

MobilBid has a robust environment for setting up the auctions. Unfortunately, this often has confused clients who are not as tech-savvy as they would like to be. Because of this, the MobilBid support staff would spend many hours per week on the phone and in-person showing and educating clients on how to use the MobilBid platform. Unfortunately, this was not sustainable and scaleable. The more customers MobilBid gets, the more time they had to spend on the phone to educate those same customers.

The Solution…

The solution was to create an online learning centre. One where MobilBid’s customers can log-in and watch a series of videos that take them through all the steps of setting up a successful auction. The series of videos and learning centre website was created by Inspiring Design in collaboration with MobilBid. It takes MobilBid’s customers through every step including opening an account to what to do when an auction is completed.

The videos are helpful as they don’t just tell what to do, they literally take the customer through all the steps, showing on-screen what to do, where to click and explains the options at every step of the way.

The Results…

MobilBid Learn just launched (You can visit it by going to, so I can’t say for certain the results they have been getting, but a quick watch of the videos and you can easily see that it will be an essential part of the onboarding experience of MobilBid and their customers, saving hours of customer support time each week.

Here is one example of a video you can see at MobilBid Learn.


Feel free to visit the site yourself. Or, if you think you could use the services of MobilBid for your next fundraiser, feel free to get in touch with them. Let them know that Robert from Inspiring Design sent you 🙂

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