Creating Better Email Signatures and My Favourite Tool to Make Them.

Robert Scozzari Email Signature
Email signatures are an important aspect of your company's branding. This article will show you the best tool on the web to create professional email signatures and how to use it.

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I often get asked about email signatures. Email signatures are an important aspect of your company’s branding so that’s totally understandable. There are lots of benefits to a well-crafted email signature.

Benefits of a well-crafted email signature

A well-crafted email signature…

  • Conveys that you are a professional and you know your stuff
  • Encourages followup communication with your contacts
  • Is a great promotional tool for your website, blog or social media
  • Increases your credibility as a trusted contact
  • Is a tool for networking just like your business card

Elements of an Email Signature

Here are the basic elements that your email signature should/could contain.

Your sign-off

Sincerely, Cheers, So-long, See you later sucker – Whatever you use, make it represent the tone of your brand and your personality. I would refrain from using, “See you later scker,” however.


Create a clear distinction between your message and the signature. This allows for breathing room and identifies the end of the message.

Your name (duh!)

Otherwise, you will have a confused reader.

Your Title

Let your reader know where you are in your organization. Most people will know already, but some may not.

Business name

Pretty obvious.

Contact Info

  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone #

Social media links

This will help you to get more followers and offer a way for readers to learn more about you.


This one is often forgotten. Use your email as a marketing tool and encourage readers to…

  • Subscribe to your mailing list
  • Download a PDF report
  • Call for a free quote
  • Get in touch today

You get the point.

My Favourite Tool to create Email Signatures

The best and easiest tool I’ve found is the Email Signature Creator by Hubspot. Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform and they make some great tools that are free to use.

You will find the Email Signature Creator by clicking here.

Follow along with the instructions below and I’ll show you how to use it.

When you first go there, you will see the creator with a generic profile. You can then begin to customize the profile to suit you.
Next, select if you want to give credit to HubSpot in your signature.
Then, select the template you like best.
Click on the Content Tab.
Enter your contact details.
Enter your Social Media links.
Here, you can add a custom note or your slogan. I chose not to for my own signature.
Then click on the Stylize tab.
You can now add your brand colours, choose a font and font size.
There aren’t many font options, that’s because there are not many fonts that are compatible with most email clients. Pick the one closest to your brand font. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
Now click on the Images tab.
A little tricky here. Images must be uploaded to Google Drive or another cloud-based service. I used Google Drive myself. To do so, upload your images in Google Drive and get the sharing link. The sharing link is what you need to enter here.
Then, you can create a call-to-action. Enter some text and a link that you would like readers to go to.
When done, click the Create Signature button to make your custom signature to put it into your email client.
Complete the very short survey.
And click the “Copy Signature” Button. You have now copied the signature to your computer, ready to paste it into your email signature template.
Go to your email client and find the Signature Template in the settings.
Before you paste the new template, add a space, write your “sign-off”. I like to say, “Cheers,”. Add another space and then “Paste” the signature.
Save your settings.
Your signature now shows up in your new emails.

And that’s all she wrote. I hope you now have a beautiful new email signature! Thanks for reading!

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