Business is important, but so am I (and you).

Business is important, but so am I (and you).

Business is important, but so am I (and you).

As we get close to Christmas 2016, as business owners, there are some things we all should be doing as we wrap down the year and get ready for the next year.

Speaking with other business owners/entrepreneurs over the last week, it was interesting to hear what people are doing to wrap up the year for their business’.

Some are using the time to assess where they are with their business and determine if they reached their goals for the year. Some other fine women and men are using this time to plan the next year ahead, determine their goals, what sales numbers they want to reach, what their marketing strategies they want to implement.

Then, some are taking the opportunity to contact new prospects, picking up the phone and trying to secure as much business as possible in order to ensure January is as profitable as possible.

Everything above, it’s all good. Me, I’ve been spending most of my time completing some projects that are almost done for some great clients of mine. I’ve been reflecting on my year that just passed and looking ahead to what’s coming up. In fact, at this exact moment, I’m sitting in a cafe, writing this blog post, waiting to meet a new potential client.

However, there is one thing I encourage all business owners to do, and what I’m doing. Take some time for yourself already.

I make it a policy to shut down work during the time between Christmas and New Years Day. This has always been a tradition for me as far back as I can remember. Going back to when I was employed in various firms. If that week was not offered as a holiday time, I would always book it off.

Leading up to that time, I’m also making sure I take time for myself and my family when I can. Business is important, but so am I.

I encourage all business owners to take time for themselves. Go for a walk, call a friend, play with your kids. After all, what is the point of running our own business if we aren’t spending the time with the ones we love the most, including ourselves.

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