Do I need a website if I have a Facebook page?

Yes. Longer answer below.

Do I need a website if I have a Facebook page?

Many businesses are not sure if they need a website when they have a Facebook page.

It’s because of this that I often get asked the question, “Hey Rob, do I need a website if I have a Facebook page for my business?”. Logically this inquiry makes sense. After all, Facebook is a hugely popular social media platform with millions of users, it’s straightforward to set up, and it’s free. What’s the point of investing in a website then if everything you could want is on your Facebook page?

The big problem, however, is that Facebook belongs to Facebook. On the other hand, your website, if you have one, belongs to you.

Facebook is always changing the rules of engagement on their platform, and while this annoys and aggravates many business owners, they have every right to do so. It’s their platform. Additionally, Facebook’s primary objective is not to help you grow your business, but to make money off of you.

I always recommend that despite the benefits of Facebook, you are not doing your business any good if your company doesn’t have its own website. Even a simple, one-pager is better than no website at all.

To sum-up why you need your website, think of it this way. Imagine that your Facebook page is a stall at the local farmer’s market. You pay rent for that stall for the privilege to show up and use that space to sell your goods. But the booth is owned by the market organizers. You have to play by their rules, you can’t take up more space than allocated, and you have to close when the market closes. To top it off, if you piss off the market organizers for some reason, they can kick you out. It’s their market; they can do what they want. Once they do, you lose access to your customers, the ones who have come to know you well and keep you in business.

Now, think of your website as your own store. You bought it; you don’t pay rent. You can do what you want, make your own rules and do as you please. You don’t have to worry about getting kicked out and losing business.

My recommendation, however, is to have both. Use Facebook for connecting with your customers, and use your website as your “store-front,” where you send customers. Include your site on your business card to draw traffic, but from your website, include links to all your social media channels, including Facebook.

Do you have a website and a Facebook page? Or do you only have a Facebook page? Let me know how you use the two together to grow your business.

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