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New Website for Tower of Port Hope

A Proposal by Inspiring Design Co.

Prepared For: Donna Woods, Tower of Port Hope

Prepared By: Robert Scozzari, Inspiring Design Co., Campbellford, Ontario
Date: July 7, 2017
Expiry Date: August 7, 2017
Contact: (905) 865-0033, [email protected]


Greetings. This web page is a custom proposal for Tower of Port Hope. Below you will find a very comprehensive proposal including all items that were requested in the RFP plus additional items I feel may be helpful in growing Tower of Port Hope.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions should they come up. I understand that there is much here to digest and sometimes, sitting down and discussing it is the best way to proceed.

So take a look and I look forward to discussing your website project with you further.

Robert Scozzari
Owner, Inspiring Design Company


Vision and Purpose

The purpose of the website should mirror the purpose of Tower of Port Hope. That is to provide a safe, comfortable, and friendly place for retired residents to happily call home.

The vision and purpose of a new website for Tower of Port Hope have been identified as the following:

  1. Attract its target market and encourage them to take action
  2. Consistently increase over time the frequency that actions are taken by your ideal customers
  3. Make the website more valuable as a resource and marketing tool for TOPH
  4. Make the website more valuable to current residents and their families
  5. Make the website more valuable to TOPH management and staff

The overall vision and purpose of Tower of Port Hope's new website should be to attract its target market and encourage them to take action. Taking action could mean one of a few things. These could be:

  • Your ideal customers pick up the phone more often to ask for more information
  • Your ideal customers fill out a contact form more often in order to receive more information
  • Your ideal customer applies directly on your website for accommodations

To increase the frequency that the above actions are taken, we will need to do the following:

  • Break down any barriers that may pre-exist to taking action in the above methods
  • Communicate in a method that speaks to your ideal customers in a way they would understand and resonate with
  • Make it simple and very straight forward to apply for accommodations
  • Start an A/B Split testing campaign to monitor performance, make edits and make improvements

Additionally, to make the website much more valuable as a resource and marketing tool for Tower of Port Hope, we will:

  • Provide information on available units
  • Have a photo gallery of the types of units available
  • Allow those interested an opportunity to get on a mailing list and/or waiting list for available units

To make the website a valuable tool and resource for current residents and their families, we will:

  • Post upcoming events on a Events Calendar that is updatable by TOPH staff
  • Provide a monthly newsletter showing previous events with photos and outlining upcoming events
  • Have a News and Events section on the website with write-ups of past events, news that is important to the residents and their families

And to make the website more valuable to TOPH management and staff:

  • A section for recruiting new employees and volunteers at TOPH
  • Making it simple to update content and assets on the website without the use of a developer or a third party company
  • Reduce the amount of time that management and staff need to spend on the telephone by providing answers to common questions, and important information directly on the website


Our Audience

There are many types of demographics that we have identified as Our Audience. However, it is important to focus on the key people who will most help the business and profitability of Tower of Port Hope.

The most important people we should be attracting to our new website are:

  • Decision-makers and primary clients’ influencers (usually adult daughter)
  • Family members
  • Individuals/seniors in crisis in the community

These are our customers, and more importantly our purpose. By speaking directly to the above, we have the best chances of growing steadily and being profitable.

Secondary audience members that could also help us grow and communicate with the community are:

  • Professional referral sources
  • Healthcare providers
  • Potential employees
  • Current employees
  • Volunteers
  • Media
  • Government / Regulatory bodies
  • Vendors
  • Lenders

By ensuring that we address the specific needs of the above people, we can get our message out and continue to be a valuable resource in the community. But, it is important to not speak to the secondary audience in a way that isolates the primary audience.

Look and Feel of the Website

The look and feel of Tower of Port Hope's new website is very important. First impressions are made in under one second. Within that very short timeframe, many potential customers have already made a decision – whether they know it or not – as to if they want to give you their business. That is why it is critical that your website is not only modern and inviting but attractive to your target audience identified above.

As identified in the RFP, the following are the key focus points of the look and feel of your new website:

  • A best practice and industry-leading website
  • Reflect a sense of trust, warmth and reassurance
  • Sense that the Tower of Port Hope is an important part of Northumberland County and the community of Port Hope
  • Address the needs of The Tower of Port Hopes varied audiences e.g. those in crisis vs. those browsing a seniors’ lifestyle option
  • Capture audience attention, be engaging through the use of high impact but tasteful graphics and design, they need to feel they have come to the right place (comfortable, soft sell)
  • Will not feel “corporate” or bureaucratic and emphasize affordability and comfort

In addition to the above important items, Inspiring Design Company will also be focussing on the following important points:

  • A website that brands your organization in a unique way to stand out from your competitors
  • Your branding and unique style will be reflected throughout the entire website with colours, fonts, and images all reflecting your brand
  • A modern and cohesive website

Inspiring Design Company has over 20 years creating beautiful graphic design solutions for multiple business sectors. We are able to create something that will suit you and help you stand out from your competitors.


Architecture & Navigation

The architecture/navigation (also known as the user interface) will be optimized to utilize best practices and sound design principals which are in place to ensure that the experience of the visitor is a positive one. The navigation is also important for SEO as it identifies what pages are about and what categories they fall under. Inspiring Design only uses best practices.

As identified in the RFP, the following key focus points will be paid special attention to

  • Accessibility best practices will be employed
  • Responsive design optimized for mobile and tablet devices
  • Use of WordPress content management system for simplified updating
  • Setup of Google Analytics
  • “Contact Us” form and phone number(s) easily identifiable on each page
  • Navigation should follow best in class website standards including accessibility standards
  • Must be user-friendly; employ sound user interface and user experience practices
  • Seamless navigation

Proposed Sitemap and Content

The following is the outline of the pages on your website followed by a description of the content that will be on that page.

The following are pages and the respective content that will be included on the website. This proposal is based on this site map, therefore, any edits to the sitemap may result in additional costs. If you notice anything is missing from this, please let me know and I can adjust the proposal if necessary.


The Home Page is where we will be introducing Tower of Port Hope. We will focus much of our energy on converting visitors to real potential leads. By using leading industry techniques, we will focus on breaking down the barriers that often prevent visitors from taking action. By doing so, we will encourage visitors to pick up the phone, fill out your contact form, or better yet, apply right away on your website.

  • Hero Section
    This section captures the visitor's attention immediately, creating a subliminal connection with who you are and what you do.
    • Large photo that evokes emotion
    • Powerful Headline (Quickly communicate what you do and who you do it for)
    • Informative Sub-headline (Provide more details)
    • Call-to-action button (Apply Today)
  • Social Proof Section
    In this section, you want to show why you should be trusted, by showing other people who trust you and letting them speak for you.
    • Testimonials
    • Certificates, credentials
  • Benefit Statements
    Four quick, short benefit statements that quickly and efficiently explain why you are the best option 
  • About Tower of Port Hope
    In this section, describe in more detail what the TOPH is, who you serve, why you do what you do. All focussing on the customer and why you are the best choice.
  • Our Residences
    This section BRIEFLY shows the types of residences available to give a quick understanding. For more information, the visitor can click on a "More Info" button.
  • Mailing List Sign-Up Form
    Here we encourage visitors to sign up to be notified when spaces care available. This is a soft action that has minimal obligations from the visitor. Those on the fence and just want to "think" about it can get on your mailing list so you can possibly convert them to be a client in the future.
  • Apply Today
    This is your primary call to action. Visitors can apply for available residences or get on your mailing list.
  • Contact Us Form
  • Contact Info
    Email, Phone, etc.
About Us

This section gives more detailed information about TOPH.

  • History, mission
  • The Team
  • Events
    Link to News & Events page
  • The community
  • Overview
  • Current calendar
    Link to News & Events page
  • FAQs
Our Residences

In this section, visitors can see what your residences look like. There will be listings of the types of residences and photos supporting each type. This is a great place to encourage visitors to take action such as applying or getting on a mailing list.

  • Gallery of all types of units at TOPH
  • Listing of available units
  • Amenities & Services
  • Call-To-Action: Apply today!
    Link to application and waiting list forms.
  • Call-To-Action: Sign up for our mailing list
    Visitors can be notified when residences are available.
  • Contact Us Form
  • Contact Phone Number

The Gallery section is where you will show what life is like at  TOPH. This section is optimized for your primary audience. This section will show what it's like to live at TOPH in a positive manner.

  • Photo Gallery
    Organized by categories. Up to 10 gallery images posted by IDC. You can post unlimited gallery photos. Tutorial provided.
  • Virtual Tour of Grounds
    Provided by TOPH
  • FAQ's
  • Call-To-Action: Apply today!
    Link to application and waiting list forms.
  • Call-To-Action: Sign up for our mailing list
    Visitors can be notified when residences are available.
  • Contact Us Form
  • Contact Phone Number
News & Events

This section is optimized for current residents and their families. It lets them know what is going on at TOPH and what is coming up.

  • News Articles
    This is a repurposed blog. You can post articles on past events, and upcoming events as well. IDC will post up to 3 articles on your behalf. You can post unlimited articles. Tutorial included.
  • Online and editable events calendar
    Unlike the current calendar, this calendar will use a cloud based service that you can update yourself. It will show a beautiful calendar that users can easily search for a specific date or event or category.
  • Call-To-Action: Resident Newsletter
    Sign up for our resident newsletter, for residents and families
  • Contact Us Form
  • Contact Phone Number
Careers / Volunteer

This section is to attract future employees and volunteers to TOPH.

  • Why Work at TOPH?
    Section of copy explaining why TOPH is a great place to work. Encourages interested visitors to apply.
  • Current positions available
  • Resume submission form
  • Why Volunteer at TOPH?
    Section of copy explaining why TOPH is a great place to volunteer. Encourages interested visitors to apply.
  • Volunteer application form
  • Contact Us Form
  • Contact Phone Number
Contact Us

This page is to make it easy to find and contact TOPH.

  • Address
  • Google map and link for directions
  • Newsletter Signup Form
  • Contact Us Form
  • Contact Phone Number
Apply Now

This is your main call to action page. All "Apply Now" buttons will lead to this page where the visitor can easily and quickly apply for available residences or get on your mailing list. This form will not take transactions, it is only to gather information required so you can follow up.

  • Online application and waiting list form
  • Downloadable application and waiting list form (PDF)
  • Call-To-Action: Sign up for our mailing list
    Be notified when residences are available.
  • Contact Us Form
  • Contact Phone Number


Content is critical to creating a great website. Without effective copywriting and professional photos, you are left with a website that may look good at first glance, but it will fall apart at the seams. It is the photos and text that engage the website visitors and encourage them to take action. It is the photos and copy that break down the barriers to selling your services and convince your customers that you are the best solution for what they are looking for and not your competitors.


Copywriting may be provided by Tower of Port Hope, however, I highly recommend that Inspiring Design, with my professional copywriter, re-write the copy for the website. This way, content can be optimized to better meet our goals and for Search Engine Optimization. Professional web-copy will utilize best practices to ensure our best foot is forward to attract and convert visitors to new and future customers.

Prior to the copy being written, IDC will conduct and interview with TOPH to gather additional information that will be used in the copywriting.


IDC does not provide professional photographic services, however, I do have some highly skilled photographers to recommend. Photography often makes or breaks a website. Without good, professional photography, a website quickly loses credibility. My recommendation here is the get the best photos you can afford. So if a professional photographer is not available, high-quality stock photography is also recommended. Often,  there is a combination of the two.

I highly recommend a handful of professional photos of the facility, building, faculty and residents. To have only stock photos, will hurt your credibility as it will appear as if you are hiding something.

Any photos that you do have of the facility will be required. 


Website Costs

Below are 3 packages which I believe will provide Tower of Port Hope with everything they require for your new website presence. Should you want to refine the packages even further and adjust the costs accordingly, please let me know.

Package 1

Everything to Get You Going
$ 3450 Payable in 3 installments
  • The Basic Necessities

  • Client Homework
    Project Questionnaire & Pinterest Inspiration Board
  • Sitemap designed and optimized for maximum usability
  • 8 Page WordPress Website
    (As indicated in the sitemap above)
  • Homepage optimized to be a landing page to encourage visitor conversions
  • Large call-to-action on all pages to increase visitor conversions
  • Applicable content migrated from existing website with any revisions supplied. And/or copy supplied by TOPH
  • Photos provided by TOPH
  • Live design concept
  • Unlimited design revisions prior to approval of design
  • On-Site optimization for Search Engines
  • Responsive Website Design for viewing on mobile platforms
  • Web Accessibility Standards implemented
  • Security enhancements
  • Submission of sitemap to Google and other search engines
  • Google Analytics installed for reviewing performance
  • Submission of website to Google Search Console / Webmaster tools
  • Admin access to update and add your own content
  • Connection to Email newsletter campaign software
    (MailChimp, Etc.)
  • Gallery and description of ALL units
  • Listing of available units
  • Photo Gallery
  • News & Events Section set up using blogging software
    Up to 3 articles posted.
    You can post unlimited articles.
  • Contact Us Form
  • Google Map
  • In-Person Tutorial Session with Staff on Updating and Maintaining Website

Package 2

Add in Effective Copy Writing
$ 4450 Payable in 3 installments
  • Everything from Package 1 PLUS…

  • SEO Copy Writing for 5 Pages
  • Advanced Security Plugin Installed and Setup

Package 3

The Works
$ 5450 Payable in 3 installments
  • Everything from Package 1 & 2 PLUS…

  • Installation and setup of Calendar software
  • Resume Submission Form
  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Online Application & Waiting List Form

Package 4

Customised for TOPH
$ 3850 Payable in 3 installments
  • Everything from Package 1 PLUS…

  • Installation and setup of Calendar software

Maintenance & Security

Cost: $50 / month

It’s essential that your website is maintained on a monthly basis. This add-on is to have Inspiring Design take care of regular monthly maintenance including backups, security and essential updates. Without monthly maintenance, your website will become vulnerable to security issues. Without backups, it will not be possible to recover your website in the event of a catastrophe. Inspiring Design has off-site backup servers to keep safe copies of your website.

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED add-on unless you have the commitment to maintain the website on an ongoing basis.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is important. That is why Inspiring Design Company makes on-page SEO a priority when building clients' websites.

Some things that will be implemented into your website to help you to get found by Google and other search engines are:

  • Optimized images to ensure your website does not take long to load
  • Premium software that has been optimized with clean code which loads fast
  • Alternative tags for all images
  • Properly named files for easy indexing by search engines
  • Keywords included in copywriting
  • Advanced SEO plugin installed and set up

To go beyond the included SEO optimizations mentioned above for your website, there are additional tasks we can perform if your budget allows:

  • Keyword Priority Report
  • Market Search Volume Report
  • Google AdWords Search Network Setup
  • Market Rankings Report
  • SEO Management Retainer
  • Organic Ranking Campaign

There are many options below that you can implement to improve your Search Engine Rankings. If you would like to discuss any of the options in more detail, please let me know and we can set up a meeting.

NOTE: The following SEO services are provided to you from Inspiring Design via our highly skilled SEO partner located in Millbrook Ontario, Alter Media. AlterMedia has run SEO campaigns worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is the absolute best in the industry for getting your website to show up in Google search results. I present these services on his behalf. 

Keyword Priority Report

All companies should care a great deal about which search phrases generate the most profit. For instance, if you are a travel company in Toronto and decide to specialize around “vacation deals”, you will be accessing an annual “search volume” on Google of roughly 11,420 searches. If your competition up the street does a Keyword Priority Report, they will learn that by altering their description to “cheap vacations”, they will be dipping into an annual search volume that, at roughly 49,400 searches, is over four times as large. This is a simple choice when viewed by the size of the available market, but what if all your rivals are fighting over this bigger slice of the pie: should you let your rivals bloody themselves, while you quietly and more easily dominate the smaller slice? Or perhaps the less popular search phrase brings visitors with a much higher rate of conversion-to-sales? Plainly, companies who employ a Keyword Priority Report will generate better content than rivals who wander through the web’s keyword based terrain without a map.

Before every campaign, and certainly before any website content is ever written, a review of the search volume available to a company within its target region should be undertaken. From this, the best choices for an Organic Ranking Campaign can be made. If either an AdWords Search Network Setup or a Market Ranking Report has been commissioned to accompany this research, the most promising “thematic groupings” of search terms will be organized. These can be converted into an AdWords campaign (including an initial list of “negative” keywords to stop ads from showing if the term is present in the search).

In the case of a Market Rankings Report, we will distill the Keyword Priority Report into 35-50 search terms that best define the client’s market (e.g. “Retirement Homes Northumberland County”). These are used to discover the current rank of the client’s site and those of their rivals, creating a baseline to judge the progress of any efforts to increase the rank (prominence) of a client’s site. These reports are critical for monitoring the progress of any Organic Ranking Campaign, since most campaigns have very little impact on client inquiries/sales until a site arrives among the top ranks for popular search phrases: raising a site’s rank to top levels can take many months of work, so a client lacking monthly rankings is powerless to track the progress of their SEO efforts.

Google search volumes within client-specified geographically boundary (usually provincial or national). The research also reveals seasonal highs and lows with which to plan campaigns for optimal effect.

Market Rankings Report

Without a Market Ranking Report, it is impossible to know if SEO efforts are succeeding, particularly if the client has no online shopping cart to easily demonstrate the Return On Investment. By contrast, being able to refer to a Market Ranking Report not only tracks the progress of SEO efforts across a spread of 35 or more search phrases, but those responsible for executing an effective SEO campaign can see which tactics, including those of their rivals, are working (and which are not). Significant tactical information fill each highly detailed report, which typically run between 80-200 pages, and is used to support the analysis offered by independent SEO professionals (or by Alter Media, in the rare case where Alter Media has accepted a referral).

Benefits include knowing which rivals are running AdWords; which of these campaigns are underfunded, unnecessarily expensive, or missing search terms; whether sudden increases or decreases in organic rank are due to SEO efforts or merely industry-wide changes to Google’s algorithm; which sites are competing most strongly for organic and AdWords rank and market penetration; how the ranks of rivals have changed since the previous report, etc. Most helpful to a client is to visually see the changes in rank — organic or AdWords — over many months of effort: this helps to identify whether a campaign is trending up or down, and can provide assurance for a upward-moving campaign when they encounter a bad month, or demonstrate a campaign that’s trending badly even if they encounter a good month.

Alter Media will select 35-50 search phrases from the Keyword Priority — with input by the client — to be used in the first Market Ranking Report: this will generate a baseline against which all subsequent Market Ranking Reports will be compared.

The report will show Google SERP rankings as they would appear from a specified city (e.g. Toronto). In addition to custom analysis in the form of an Executive Summary, these supporting appendices are supplied as a PDF:

  1. A table showing the current ranks, alongside those of up to 12 previous reports (if these exist), in direct comparison to the organic and AdWords ranks of one principal rival selected as a target.
  2. Side-by-side comparisons of up to 20 rival sites, with each domain showing their current organic and AdWords rank for 35-50 search terms. Where any previous reports exist, these new ranks will be compared to those in the previous report, with visual indications displaying which ranks went up, down, or stayed the same.
    1. All organic listings appearing on the 1st and 2nd page of Google, showing the search terms that activated each listing and the rank at which it appeared.
    2. All AdWords listings appearing on the 1st and 2nd page of Google, showing the search terms that activated each listing and the rank at which it appeared.
    3. Total gross organic listings appearing in the research.
    4. Total AdWords listings appearing in the research.

Google AdWords Search Network Setup

Convert the prerequisite Keyword Priority into an AdWords campaign, including negative keywords, and at least 20 ads for 10 AdGroups. This is a one-time cost incurred at the start of each campaign. If the client has legacy campaigns in an existing AdWords account, these are reviewed for useful information, but a clean new campaign is always installed. If no AdWords account exists, one is created for the client (including any missing Analytics or Search Console accounts).

Since AdWords is a “pay-per-click” system, Google will bill the client’s credit card for the cost of each visitor who clicks on an ad. Alter Media oversees the bidding structure for the keywords triggering these ads, but the daily maximum budget is always set by the client to avoid any unwanted surprises. A typical daily maximum can be as low as $20 for a small local campaign, or upwards of $10,000 for a national campaign.

Inspiring Design suggests that if you set up a Google AdWords campaign, that you keep it deactivated until you need to actively be selling vacant residences. This way, your campaign will always be ready to go.

Option 1

$ 1200 One time cost
  • Keyword Priority Report

Option 2

$ 1800 One time cost
  • Keyword Priority Report
  • Market Rankings Report
  • Google AdWords Search Network Setup

On-Site Social Media

Incorporating Social Media into your website

Interested in having advanced Social Media components on your website? You can increase share of your pages and posts, plus share the content you are posting on your own social media accounts.

These items are to add Social Media Marketing to your internet marketing campaign.

Social Media Flow

Cost: $150

This item is to add your own social media posts onto your website. This way, visitors to your website can see your recent social media activity. For examples, please visit, and Please note, the inclusion of a Facebook stream on your website requires the Facebook Developer API to be updated quarterly to continue working properly..

Social Sharing Links

Cost: $100

This item is to add and setup a Social Sharing plugin that will make it easy and encourages the sharing of your website pages and posts on your visitor’s social media pages. For an example, please visit,


Social Media Management

Let Inspiring Design and Partner manage your social media

If you prefer to have Inspiring Design fully manage your social media accounts, we can. 

NOTE: The following Social Media services are provided to you from Inspiring Design via our highly skilled Social Media partner located in Niagara Falls Ontario, OnlineDrea. OnlineDrea is a Social Media guru and knows what she has to do to get results with your social media campaigns.

The overall strategy with social media is to focus on what works for creating on-brand social media graphics and managing the day-to-day aspects of each social network.

Our goal with Tower of Port Hope is to stay top of mind through social sharing and by providing a glimpse behind-the-scenes of community life.

Social Media Networks


As there is already an established presence on Facebook, this is the natural place to start with social media management. Facebook is ideal for driving web traffic and leveraging cost-effective advertising options.


Twitter is the place for customer service. Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows you to initiate and engage your customers directly. Using this tool is vital in as a unique opportunity to become an industry leader, initial conversations, process consumer feedback, and capitalize on trending topics. Currently, the Tower of Port Hope Twitter profile remains unused.


My social media strategy focuses on your potential consumer, giving them what they want to see so that we can see a growth in community following and engagement week-over-week. From the strategies list below you can expect the following services.

Daily Social Media Management Services

Social Media Strategy Development and Execution

Campaign Development and Execution

To maintain an active presence on social media, I will do the following on each account:

  • Monitoring social profiles, influencers, VIPs and engaging fans where appropriate
  • Creating and curating content for posting on social networks.
  • Creating and managing social campaigns to achieve specific social goals such as boosting engagement or increasing leads
  • Running advertising campaigns to increase page likes, engagement, and conversions.
  • Analyzing, improving and reporting social metrics

Other activities can include management of visual assets, organization and use of popular hashtags, and collaborating with team members.



$ 195 Monthly per social media platform
  • 1-2 Posts Per Weekday
  • Branded Images


$ 325 Monthly per social media platform
  • 2-3 Posts Per Weekday
  • Branded Images
  • Comment Moderation


$ 385 Monthly per social media platform
  • 2-3 Posts Per Day (weekends included)
  • Branded Images
  • Comment Moderation
  • Outreach
  • Weekly Reporting

The Team

Inspiring Design Company is one person. However, I couldn't offer the first class website services without the partnership of other professionals who are the best at what they do as well.  Below are the partners I may bring in to make your project a huge success.

Robert Scozzari Profile Pic

Robert Scozzari

Robert is owner and creative director at Inspiring Design Company. He graduated from The School of Design at George Brown College, one of North America’s top centres for design, in Toronto Ontario. Following The School of Design, there was about 20+ glorious years working as Senior Designer, Art Director and Creative Director at various agencies and companies from Toronto to Hamilton Ontario. That said, this isn’t about me—this is about you, and I want to make sure you know that you are why I get up every day.




Kathryn Harrison

Kathryn is a master at delivering website copy. She is located in Toronto Ontario and operates a successful freelance copywriting business.

Kathryn's passion is to deliver exceptional copywriting and content pieces that truly capture the core essence of your business. I take pride in knowing that I have successfully presented your company, products or services in a compelling, organic fashion which is engaging to readers while providing a valuable Return on Investment.

Ted Dyment

Ted Dyment

Ted is the Search Engine Optimization Pro. He is owner of Alter Media in Millbrook Ontario.

AlterMedia began producing marketing data and materials back in 1993, a full year prior to the public appearance of the World Wide Web. As the impact of the web increased, work on projects for Business Depot (Staples), Sears, and Beaver Lumber, shifted to smaller companies with fewer layers of management and more access to top decision-makers.

In 2002, owner Ted Dyment decided to move the Toronto office to a commercial building purchased in the beautiful village of Millbrook, just outside Peterborough, Ontario. Changing the location from the stressed-out heart of a big city to a quiet rural valley also changed the nature of AlterMedia’s work, with internet communications becoming central to collecting and transmitting marketing data and materials. The new location for the studio also began to shift the location of our clientele, with new business relationships arriving from Peterborough, Port Hope, and Durham region, and with “competitive intelligence” becoming our principal product.

Today, Ted and his team enjoy working from a bright studio on the main street of Millbrook, where we can walk out the front door to enjoy a busy cafe-culture, but with miles of forest trails waiting out the back. When clients drop by, they are encouraged to bring their walking boots: many technical and tactical plans can be hashed-out faster on trail-walks than on the whiteboard!

Andrea Jones

Andréa Jones

Andrea is the Social Media expert. She is owner of Onlinedrea in Niagara Falls Ontario.

Andrea teams up with overwhelmed entrepreneurs to develop and implement social media and content marketing strategies in order to free up their time for building their businesses. Whether you own an online boutique, edit a digital magazine, photograph newborn babies, or coach other business owners, I take a grassroots approach to seeking your ideal customer and building relationships with your audience in the online space.


Below are examples of websites created by Inspiring Design Company.

Rob was very professional and detailed oriented… plus he took the time to get to know my business and the vision I had for it in the marketplace. Thanks Rob for a job well done!

Gavin Sturgeon Gavin Sturgeon, South Street BBQ
10 out of 10. Robert brings a fresh sense of creativity to his design and a helpful hand when it comes to technology - that I could understand!

Bill BIckle Bill Bickle, Fordelm & NCD Canada
You were excellent to work with and delivered exceptional results. I won't likely be referring you to competitors in my industry - for selfish reasons.

Dale Bryant, Dale Bryant Real Estate Broker Dale Bryant, Dale Bryant Real Estate Broker
It was a great experience, the end product is what I wanted. Very pleased with product and process.

Paul Deuzeman, Deuzeman & Associates Paul Deuzeman, Deuzeman & Associates
I am very happy with my new site and am proud to send people to view it, it has a professional look and very informative. I enjoyed the experience with Robert, he made some good suggestions to help propel my site to its next level, he was very pleasant to speak with. He made things easy to understand.

Gord Giannandrea, SubZero Blasting Gord Giannandrea, SubZero Blasting
Great to work with, goes the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you want. Very happy with my experience and will definitely use again in future.

Andy McDonald, K&A Autopro Andy McDonald, K&A Autopro
Pretty much the best designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with... in my life.

Mark Gowland, Pure Creation Institute Mark Gowland, Pure Creation Institute
Our new website is easy to use, looks fantastic and the traffic has tripled. Robert at Inspiring Design was very helpful and great to work with!

Nancy Allanson, Trent Hills Tourism Nancy Allanson, Trent Hills Tourism
Robert is very knowledgeable in his skill. He is adept at asking the right questions to get answers that will help help build a good product. Robert is very persistent in a professional way. Due to my busy schedule, I truly appreciate his expertise, his patience and his persistence.

Jane Lakatos, Lakatos Business Services Jane Lakatos, Lakatos Business Services
Robert takes your website out of the stone age and sends it to the stars. He makes it supper clean and exceptionally professional. Your business gets recognized when you use Inspiring Design.

Brian Alcock, Alcock Nurseries Brian Alcock, Alcock Nurseries
Robert did a website and a logo for my company. The price was reasonable and it was completed in a timely fashion. I've received many compliments on my new website and logo.

Stefan DePinto, SLD Electric Stefan DePinto, SLD Electric
Robert is absolutely incredible at what he does! His price point is absolutely reasonable for the caliber or work he's offering. To this date we have received compliments on our YogaFest logos & branding. I am proud to refer anyone to Inspiring Design.

Anthony DiDomenico, YogaFest Anthony DiDomenico, YogaFest
Inspiring Design was professional throughout. He helped us through our marketing. Great design layout. We would highly recommend his services.

Val Curran, Fieldstone Farm Val Curran, Fieldstone Farm
If you're looking for someone who's creative, who will give your marketing materials a professional touch and will work to deadlines and budgets, Robert is definitely someone you should consider partnering with.

Cettina Cuffaro, Arbonne Cettina Cuffaro, Arbonne
Robert is professional, prompt and delivers on all of the projects that he takes on. I would recommend him to anybody!

Dr. Kristi Prince ND, Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Kristi Prince ND, Naturopathic Doctor


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I appreciate the opportunity to present this proposal and look forward to working with you.


Robert Scozzari
Owner, Inspiring Design Company

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