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A Proposal by Inspiring Design Co.

Prepared For:
J. Douglas Mann, Allan T. McCracken, Holden Agnew-Pople, Prashant R. Talpade

Prepared By: Robert Scozzari, Inspiring Design Co., Campbellford, Ontario
Date: November 14, 2017
Expiry Date: December 14, 2017
Contact: (905) 865-0033, [email protected]


Dear Partners and Associates,

Thank for taking the time to meet with me last week. It was an excellent opportunity to learn what Mann McCracken & Associates is all about. I hope you were able to get in touch with your internet provider to adjust your Wifi settings. I also enjoyed meeting you with my daughter beside me during the Take Your Kid to Work Day. Ella enjoyed the experience.

You confirmed that your primary critical concern is emphasizing the breadth of specific services offered between all the partners & associates at Mann McCracken & Associates. Also, we agreed your current website is outdated and in need of renewal to compete and differentiate yourselves from other law firms. A further challenge will be to include the ability for your clients to book and pre-pay their appointment for Wills & Power of Attorney services.

My understanding is that if you could have a new website that addresses all the critical areas mentioned above, that you would be willing to invest in the implementation of such a solution.

Based on what I know of Mann McCracken & Associates, the project and the requirements identified, I believe there is an exceptional fit between our two organizations to deliver an ideal website.

Within this proposal, I will show proof via examples and outline of the deliverables along with evidence from testimonials from previous clients of mine.

I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to meeting with you all to further discuss your new website.

Robert Scozzari,
Owner, Inspiring Design Company


The purpose of this project is to create a new website that emphasizes the breadth of services offered between all the partners & associates at Mann McCracken & Associates. Create a new, modern website to compete and differentiate yourselves from other law firms. To include the ability for your clients to book and pre-pay their appointment for Wills & Power of Attorney services.



Below are the objectives of this project.

Redesign the website which is currently outdated:

  • Create a new modern website
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to update
  • Large photos
  • SEO friendly

Emphasize the breadth of services offered between all the partners & associates

  • Space on the home page for each partner and service, with links to more information
  • One page for each of the partners and associates
  • Each partner or associate page outlines the specific services that person specializes in
  • One page for each type of service
  • Each service page will outline which partners or associates specialize in that particular service

To include the ability for your clients to book and pre-pay their appointment for Wills & Power of Attorney services.

  • A link on the Wills and Power of Attorney pages called, "Book your appointment now"
  • Once clicked on, the visitor will be able to choose a Lawyer, Location and Time that from available slots
  • To finalize the appointment, the visitor will be required to pay online
  • Once finalized, the appointment is scheduled into the calendar database


Content is critical to creating a great website. Without effective copywriting and professional photos, you are left with a website that may look good at first glance, but it will fall apart at the seams. It is the photos and text that engage the website visitors and encourage them to take action. It is the photos and text that break down the barriers to selling your services and convince your customers that you are the best solution for what they are looking for and not your competitors.


Copywriting is to be provided by Mann McCracken and Associates with guidelines provided be Inspiring Design.


IDC does not provide professional photographic services, however, I do have some highly skilled photographers to recommend. Photography often makes or breaks a website. Without good, professional photography, a website quickly loses credibility. My recommendation here is the get the best photos you can afford. So if a professional photographer is not available, high-quality stock photography is also recommended. Often,  there is a combination of the two.

Any photos that you currently have will be requested. 



Below are the features and items included with your website.

Website Features Include

Here are the parts included with your Website Design
$3,750 Payable in 3 installments
  • What’s Included

  • Client Homework
    Project Questionnaire & Pinterest Inspiration Board
  • Sitemap designed and optimized for maximum usability
  • 15 Page WordPress Website
    (As indicated in the sitemap above)
  • Homepage optimized to be a landing page to encourage visitor conversions
  • Large call-to-action on all pages to increase visitor conversions
  • Photos provided by client
  • Live design concept
  • Unlimited design revisions prior to approval of design
  • On-Site optimization for Search Engines
  • Responsive Website Design for viewing on mobile platforms
  • Web Accessibility Standards implemented
  • Security enhancements
  • Submission of sitemap to Google and other search engines
  • Google Analytics installed for reviewing performance
  • Submission of website to Google Search Console / Webmaster tools
  • Admin access to update and add your own content
  • Connection to Email newsletter campaign software
    (MailChimp, Etc.)
  • Listing of available units
  • Photo Gallery
  • News & Events Section set up using blogging software
    Up to 3 articles posted.
    You can post unlimited articles.
  • Contact Us Form
  • Google Map

Maintenance & Security

Cost: $50 / month

It’s essential that your website is maintained on a monthly basis. This add-on is to have Inspiring Design take care of regular monthly maintenance including backups, security and essential updates. Without monthly maintenance, your website will become vulnerable to security issues. Without backups, it will not be possible to recover your website in the event of a catastrophe. Inspiring Design has off-site backup servers to keep safe copies of your website.

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED add-on unless you have the commitment to maintain the website on an ongoing basis.

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is important. That is why Inspiring Design Company makes on-page SEO a priority when building clients' websites.

Some things that will be implemented into your website to help you to get found by Google and other search engines are:

  • Optimized images to ensure your website does not take long to load
  • Premium software that has been optimized with clean code which loads fast
  • Alternative tags for all images
  • Properly named files for easy indexing by search engines
  • Keywords included in copywriting
  • Advanced SEO plugin installed and set up


Scheduling Functionality


Inspiring Design recommends the services of Schedulicity. They are a third party service provider, specializing on appointment scheduling.

This option is to install a booking system on your new website. Inspiring Design uses a system called “Schedulicity” and is hands down the best available booking system you can have. I encourage you to visit their site yourself at because I cannot explain all the features and benefits of this app. You can also test it on real businesses at

Some features are: 

  • Allow clients to self-book - anytime, anywhere 
  • Clients only see available times, not your full schedule 
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders 
  • Schedule, cancel or reschedule your clients at any time 
  • You set the booking rules and have total control over how your clients book 
  • You get advanced no-show protection 
  • A mobile app to access the schedule on the go 
  • 2 calendar views. One for you and one for your customers 
  • Clients enter credit card at the time of booking and then processed through Stripe manually by you 
  • Schedule services, times and accept payment for the appointment at the time of booking - Earn revenue from your website! 
  • Take payments via implementation with Stripe or Square

A one time setup cost will be applied and then a monthly fee will be required via the service provider directly.

  • $750 Setup cost plus monthly costs below…
  • Up to 5 service providers: $30 USD/month
  • Payment plugin: $10 USD/month
  • Reminder Texts for clients: $10/month

About Me

Robert Scozzari Profile Pic

Robert Scozzari

Robert is owner and creative director at Inspiring Design Company. He graduated from The School of Design at George Brown College, one of North America’s top centres for design, in Toronto Ontario. Following The School of Design, there was about 20+ glorious years working as Senior Designer, Art Director and Creative Director at various agencies and companies from Toronto to Hamilton Ontario. That said, this isn’t about me—this is about you, and I want to make sure you know that you are why I get up every day.




Inspiring Design will be able to begin your project in January 2018. While we may be able to begin sooner, because of pre-existing commitments, I do not want to promise any time sooner.


Below are examples of websites created by Inspiring Design Company.

Rob was very professional and detailed oriented… plus he took the time to get to know my business and the vision I had for it in the marketplace. Thanks Rob for a job well done!

Gavin Sturgeon Gavin Sturgeon, South Street BBQ
10 out of 10. Robert brings a fresh sense of creativity to his design and a helpful hand when it comes to technology - that I could understand!

Bill BIckle Bill Bickle, Fordelm & NCD Canada
You were excellent to work with and delivered exceptional results. I won't likely be referring you to competitors in my industry - for selfish reasons.

Dale Bryant, Dale Bryant Real Estate Broker Dale Bryant, Dale Bryant Real Estate Broker
It was a great experience, the end product is what I wanted. Very pleased with product and process.

Paul Deuzeman, Deuzeman & Associates Paul Deuzeman, Deuzeman & Associates
I am very happy with my new site and am proud to send people to view it, it has a professional look and very informative. I enjoyed the experience with Robert, he made some good suggestions to help propel my site to its next level, he was very pleasant to speak with. He made things easy to understand.

Gord Giannandrea, SubZero Blasting Gord Giannandrea, SubZero Blasting
Great to work with, goes the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you want. Very happy with my experience and will definitely use again in future.

Andy McDonald, K&A Autopro Andy McDonald, K&A Autopro
Pretty much the best designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with... in my life.

Mark Gowland, Pure Creation Institute Mark Gowland, Pure Creation Institute
Our new website is easy to use, looks fantastic and the traffic has tripled. Robert at Inspiring Design was very helpful and great to work with!

Nancy Allanson, Trent Hills Tourism Nancy Allanson, Trent Hills Tourism
Robert is very knowledgeable in his skill. He is adept at asking the right questions to get answers that will help help build a good product. Robert is very persistent in a professional way. Due to my busy schedule, I truly appreciate his expertise, his patience and his persistence.

Jane Lakatos, Lakatos Business Services Jane Lakatos, Lakatos Business Services
Robert takes your website out of the stone age and sends it to the stars. He makes it supper clean and exceptionally professional. Your business gets recognized when you use Inspiring Design.

Brian Alcock, Alcock Nurseries Brian Alcock, Alcock Nurseries
Robert did a website and a logo for my company. The price was reasonable and it was completed in a timely fashion. I've received many compliments on my new website and logo.

Stefan DePinto, SLD Electric Stefan DePinto, SLD Electric
Robert is absolutely incredible at what he does! His price point is absolutely reasonable for the caliber or work he's offering. To this date we have received compliments on our YogaFest logos & branding. I am proud to refer anyone to Inspiring Design.

Anthony DiDomenico, YogaFest Anthony DiDomenico, YogaFest
Inspiring Design was professional throughout. He helped us through our marketing. Great design layout. We would highly recommend his services.

Val Curran, Fieldstone Farm Val Curran, Fieldstone Farm
If you're looking for someone who's creative, who will give your marketing materials a professional touch and will work to deadlines and budgets, Robert is definitely someone you should consider partnering with.

Cettina Cuffaro, Arbonne Cettina Cuffaro, Arbonne
Robert is professional, prompt and delivers on all of the projects that he takes on. I would recommend him to anybody!

Dr. Kristi Prince ND, Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Kristi Prince ND, Naturopathic Doctor


I hope this proposal meets with your approval. If so, I will issue the appropriate terms and conditions with deposit invoice. Once the deposit has been paid, your project is scheduled and the magic begins!

If you would like, we can sit down and discuss the proposal in detail and fine tune it for your requirements and budget.

I appreciate the opportunity to present this proposal and look forward to working with you.


Robert Scozzari
Owner, Inspiring Design Company

Pursue your passions and establish credibility with your audience.
Build a business that grows with Inspiring Design Company.

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