Standards of Service

I'm really committed to you.

Inspiring Design Company is committed to giving you the highest quality standards of service. Really. It’s important. It’s because of that, I wanted to create an official Standards of Service Document. 

Standards Of Service

I’ve written these out for you, so as my client, you know what to expect. Also, I’ve written this out for myself so I maintain the highest quality of service for all my customers.

Quality of Service

Yes. I have a high quality of service, and you should expect that from me (and all service providers, but it doesn’t aways happen like that).

Methods and Tools

The methods and tools I’ve developed have been refined over 25 years of providing professional graphic design, web design and marketing to business owners all over the world. My methods have been streamlined to provide the fastest while still being the highest quality it can be. I don’t compromise quality for speed. That’s not possible, at least from me.

The tools I use are the highest quality available. This includes my computer, design software, cloud software and online applications. All of them are chosen for their quality, speed and ability for me to provide my clients with the best quality work.


Lot’s of it. I graduated from the School of Design at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario in 1994. I’ve been a graphic designer, creative director and art director in agencies from Toronto, to Hamilton, to Burlington Ontario before starting Inspiring Design Co. Those are many years and I’m proud of them all. 


I’m pretty responsive to my client’s needs. Mind you, I’m not a brain surgeon on-call, so it may not be immediately that I get back to you. But I will respond to your needs usually within 12 business hours, but always within 24 business hours. You can always get a hold of me via email or telephone. Unless it’s an emergency, I won’t be calling you after 5 pm or on weekends, and generally I won’t take business calls during those times as well. If it is urgent, send me a text and I will do my best to help you out.



As a general rule of thumb, I avoid meetings as much as possible. Meetings are typically unproductive time-sucks. I usually meet with the client once at the beginning of the project with a clear agenda and time frame. After that, all correspondence is usually over the telephone or email. This is much more productive. If you must have a meeting during production, keep in mind that it will slow down your project and the meeting must be absolutely necessary.

Client Importance

You… Yes… you. You are my most important client I have, and our relationship is the most important part of that. If you don’t feel it, let me know.

Appropriate Pricing

Inspiring Design Company is not the cheapest design agency around. If I was, all those items above, about quality, methods, tools, responsiveness, meetings, client importance, would be impossible to give to you. I charge what I need to charge to provide my clients what they need so they can meet the objectives they have, all while supporting myself and my family comfortably. My prices are fair and appropriate for what you should expect from any professional service provider.

If you have any questions about the items above, please send me a message to let me know. I appreciate all my client’s immensely, there are many service providers that offer similar services to mine. It’s the above items that set me apart and you will notice the quality and results with your project.

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