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Unlock Personal and Trusted Business Connections

At Inspiring Design, we believe in the power of collaboration and trusted partnerships. Our ‘Trusted Resources’ page showcases businesses that I have a deep personal connection with. These are not just any businesses; they are my trusted clients, business owners I’ve worked directly with, or entities with whom I maintain a current and trusted business relationship. While we value transparency, we also believe in the personal touch. That’s why we’ve chosen not to display the names of these connections directly. Instead, we offer a unique opportunity for you to connect with these businesses through us, ensuring a warm introduction and a trusted connection.

Business Services


Need clarity on your finances? Connect with our trusted accounting professional for expert guidance.

Financial Advisor

Secure your future with advice from our trusted financial expert.

Business Training/Coach

Elevate your business potential with our experienced coach's insights.

IT & Networks

Ensure seamless tech operations with our IT & network specialists.

Marketing Consultant

Boost your brand's reach with our marketing maestro's strategies.

Legal & Insurance

Estate Law

Navigate estate complexities with our proficient legal advisor.

Paralegal Services

Navigate legal intricacies with our expert paralegal's assistance.

Home & Auto Insurance

Safeguard your assets with our trusted insurance specialists.

Health and Disability Insurance

Protect your well-being with our reliable insurance advisors.

Home & Auto

Residential Mortgages

Secure the best mortgage deals with our trusted financial partner.

Residential Real Estate Agent

Find your dream home with our dedicated real estate professional.

Home and Business Cleaning

Experience a cleaner space with our top-tier cleaning professionals.

Interior Designer/Decorator

Transform your space with our visionary interior experts.

Home Painters

Revitalize your space with vibrant touches from our painting pros.

Builder/General Contractor

Bring your dream projects to life with our skilled builders.


Ensure smooth water flow with our expert plumbing services.

New and Used Auto Sales

Drive your dream car with deals from our trusted auto partners.

Health & Wellbeing

Naturopathic Doctor

Embrace natural healing with guidance from our esteemed naturopath.


Indulge in self-care with our top-rated salon and spa.

3-Step Connection Process:

  1. Browse the List: Explore our list of trusted business categories to find the service or expertise you’re seeking.
  2. Fill Out the Form: Provide us with your contact information and specify the type of business you’re interested in. Don’t forget to grant us permission to make the introduction.
  3. Await a Personal Introduction: Once we receive your request, I’ll personally introduce you to my trusted connection in that business category, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy collaboration.