Inspiring Design Co. Presents a Tailored Canadian Mortgage Broker Website for EBS Mortgage

Crafting a Geo-Specific Experience for Canadian Mortgage Seekers

In the realm of digital design, the most effective websites are those that speak directly to their target audience. Recently, Inspiring Design Co. had the privilege to craft a unique online platform for Glenn Jorgensen’s EBS Mortgages, a prominent figure in the Canadian mortgage brokerage landscape.

Upon approaching our team, Glenn highlighted a distinctive challenge he faced: the need for a Canadian Mortgage Broker Website that could offer a bespoke experience depending on the geographic origin of its visitors. The intricacy here was that Glenn Jorgensen is licensed to broker mortgages in both British Columbia and Alberta, each with its unique market nuances. Recognizing this, it became imperative to ensure the website resonated authentically with both demographics.

Canadian Mortgage Broker Website

Our solution was a dynamic website capable of discerning the location of its visitors. Those accessing from British Columbia are presented with a tailored BC homepage, while Alberta visitors find an Alberta-centric landing. Visitors from other parts of Canada receive a more generalized homepage experience.

Beyond geolocation, the website integrates several other pivotal features:

  • Live Chat: A real-time communication tool allows visitors to instantly connect with Glenn, fostering immediate engagement and ensuring inquiries are addressed swiftly.
  • Lead Magnets: Every service page is equipped with downloadable lead magnets designed to captivate and convert potential clients, amplifying the website’s lead generation capabilities.
  • Contact Forms: Streamlined contact forms make it a breeze for customers to reach out to Glenn directly, ensuring he remains accessible and responsive to client needs.

These features, combined with a minimalist yet striking design that champions EBS Mortgages’ branding—its unique logo, signature fonts, and corporate colors—sets this website apart. And to further enhance its visual appeal, custom illustrations of splendid Canadian homes are seamlessly integrated.

The result is a harmonious blend of aesthetic allure and functionality. Glenn’s feedback post-launch was one of immense satisfaction, and the numbers speak for themselves. Since going live in August, 2023, the website has drawn in over 250 visitors, underscoring the potential of a well-designed Canadian Mortgage Broker Website.

You can visit EBS Mortgages, a Canadian Mortgage Broker Website at

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